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Help Dubya cover his ass!

Help the esteemed leader of the free world cover his ass... with other people's asses!

    The rules are simple:
  • Take a picture of your ass. (No copyrighted images, please)
  • Resize that picture so its less than 500k. (I'll adjust the size further to fit the picture, but I only have limited email space).
  • Find a link you would like to associate with your ass.
  • Send the picture and link to with the subject "Cover Dubya's Ass"
  • If you'd like your ass to remain anonymous, please make sure you specify this in the email.

Occasionally I will update this page with the ass pictures I get. Clicking on an ass will take you to the website that was requested with that ass.

Here is the picture!

You can see the original picture by clicking here


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