• Yet will news like this make people not fly airlines that use this type of seating? Will it make people push for trains that don't take three days to cross the country? How long before we start to see the "Well, actually this is a good thing for the airline industry!" articles?

    I'm betting people will bitch for awhile before coming to accept it, and eventually people that can afford it will move to better seats or different airlines while everyone else (especially those traveling for business) end up screwed. Especially once they figure out they have to share their foot space with their laptop bag or their neighbors diaper bag since the toddlers that used to travel on the laps will be standing on the floor in front of their parents.

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    The best line of the story, in my opinion, is this:
    Personally, I firmly believe there’s nothing wrong with a tasteful sticker every now and again. Dillon Shane Webb’s “I EAT ASS” sticker is, in my eyes, the epitome of a classy adornment for any Chevy pickup.

    I was curious how this one was going to turn out. Anything is possible in the land of 'stand your ground'.

  • Goddamnit. I hate it when my grandmother's warnings about posture turn out to be right. (Despite her own posture being horrible, of course) :-)

  • More info on the horns thing:
    (Specifically, there are issues with the reporting).

  • Highly-Anticipated Taco Bell Hotel in Palm Springs Sold Out of Reservations in 2 Minutes

    Apparently, I'm not the only one who considers Taco Bell the pinnacle of civilization.

  • Needs to be an acronym now.


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    Wave of child sex abuse lawsuits threatens Boy Scouts

    Which comes as no surprise to anyone who knows anything about the stalking habits of pedophiles, hebephiles, and ephebophiles.

  • The "throuple" relationship: Cool. Kind of hot, possibly. Sounds completely consensual.

    Smoking weed from a bong while naked: Damn politician is pandering to her base.

    The Iron Cross: Wait.... what the fuck?

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    Alternate headline: "We're going to pretend this blotch is a Nazi symbol in order to justify publishing revenge porn nudes"

  • Hmm. She tendered her resignation.

    I kind of think that is too bad. It seems like a lot of other congresspersons have stayed in office despite having worse issues. Of course I'm assuming she doesn't have pictures of her taking heroin in another set of pictures too. :-)

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    My wife's take.... When are these people going to learn to stop taking pictures of things they don't want seen.

    I don't have any problem with anything she's done... But if you're going to be elected to public office, you need to keep your personal stuff out of the news.

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    In general that is good advice...

    ...but in some cases I think it can be blaming the victim. If this had been photos of a monogamous couple in a several year (or even several month) relationship we'd probably feel a bit different. Could the non-traditional nature of the relationship in question be coloring our viewpoint?

    There is also the fact that she has declared a war on revenge porn now. I don't know how far she'll get with her new crusade with regard to her own photos... I haven't seen any pictures other than what was in that article, and I'm not sure how much weight her argument has with what I have seen. Its probably pretty easy to determine who released the photos though, and she seems to have made allegations.

    My feelings on this are... complicated, and have definitely changed over time. The first time I ever thought about the issue in depth was due to event that transpired perhaps ten+ years ago, when I found out I was providing a medium for what turned out to be revenge porn, but at the time I just thought was a cute girl doing stupid shit while naked. More cough exposure cough has definitely colored my viewpoints. (It probably would have been a 2257 violation in the long run anyway).

    I will say its strange that she was the only one naked in most of those photos that were shared. I find it hard to
    believe no one else in the throuple was ever photographed in flagrante delicto.

  • I mostly assume that we're just cresting a saddle point on such things - where people over a certain age tend to reflexively blame the victim, and those under a certain age tend to sympathize, and in due course the latter will become a solid majority position.

    On the other hand, I also think political figures are a special case, since most people seem to prioritize politics waaay under morality. That is, I strongly suspect most Americans checked which party she's from before they reached a final verdict on how culpable she is.

  • I don't have any problems with their actions. As long as they aren't hurting others, I don't see where anyone has the right to control someone's behavior.

    However, we all need to beware that our permanent records are much larger than they were when we were young (especially when I was young), and people are willing to use them as weapons.

    If you are carrying a cellphone, your location is being tracked. If you use a cellphone, your text messages are being recorded. I'm not convinced that the average person's conversations aren't being recorded.

    Data stored in the cloud isn't secure.

    If you are in public, you probably are on a surveillance system. Most persons now carry a video camera with them at all times. Never assume you aren't be recorded if you are outside your own home.

    Facial recognition software is improving rapidly. It's just a matter of time before filtering this vast amount of data for exploitable images will be easy. I assume the same can be said for text and voice.

    Now, consider that our fragmenting society is developing a multitude of conflicting moral codes. Anything you do or not do is bound to offend someone.

  • You don't have to type all that, just say it aloud near a phone or microwave oven and we'll see it in the following days' transcript.

  • @Clme said:
    In general that is good advice...

    ...but in some cases I think it can be blaming the victim. If this had been photos of a monogamous couple in a several year (or even several month) relationship we'd probably feel a bit different. Could the non-traditional nature of the relationship in question be coloring our viewpoint?

    Not mine, no... As I said, I don't have an issue with anything she's done... Nor do I necessarily disagree with you. My point was, if you're a public figure in a politically vulnerable district, maybe you might want to temper your sex life a little, or at least not leave photographic evidence. It may not be fair, but politicians are held to a higher standard, or at least subjected to more scrutiny.

    I'm disappointed that she felt she needed to resign, unless she really did break ethics rules...

    If this was all leaked by her ex husband as revenge and all she did was leave the relationship, well fuck him.

  • @fenomas said:
    microwave oven

    Do those things have transmitters now?

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    @Bill said:

    Do those things have transmitters now?

    Well, a microwave does interfere with 2.4GHZ wireless internet signals. :-)

    But the microwave thing was a popular meme a year or two ago and it came from the White House...

    A few months after the inauguration Kellyanne Conway seriously suggested that President Obama could have been spying using more than just traditional wiretaps. To paraphrase, she said he could have been monitoring cell phones, television sets, and (as an admittedly extreme example) microwaves that can turn into cameras. Because "that is the age we're living in now". (Still a paraphrase, despite my use of quotes).

    That claim was apparently the next step up from a rant by Judge Andrew Napolitano (Fox News) that we were one step away from a totalitarianism where 'they' could be listening to his conversations using microwaves.

    Of course, there are actual, legitimate security concerns about 'smart' appliances... in fact, they make me paranoid as hell... but we are still a few steps away from the microwave having built-in cameras. Refrigerator? Yes. Some models of 'smart' lights? Yes. A few TV's? Yep. But as far as I know we'd need some purposely-modified microwave to have a camera. By that point its easier just to hack your unsecured cell phone that you click on anything attractive from Twitter on.

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