Community Outreach

Every day, Penismightier and the Penismightier Fund are helping to improve the communities the company calls home around the world. We care about you and the community that you live in. Time and time again the stories of the generosity of our shareholders have touched us in so many ways. Year after year Penismightier has matched contributions of employees. We feel that giving back to the community that has given us so much is the very least we can do.

How we reach out

The main focus of our community outreach has been helping disadvantaged children, feeding the hungry, education, and the hurting and yurning to break free RIAA and MPAA. To this end we have generously provided funds to the Oregon Foodbank, Oregon Educational Learning Centers, Salvation Army, RIAA, MPAA, and Goodwill.

Oregon Foodbank

The Oregon Foodbank provides food and emergency food boxes to those in need. In order to help the Oregon Foodbank we have encouraged our employees to staff several food drives, provided paid time off for our employees to volunteer to sort food, as well as giving funds to help the Oregon Foodbank buy more food. We feel that this is money and time well spent.


Penismightier Funds programs that raise awareness around the piracy of music and movies. With their charioty service they provide for the community, the RIAA and MPAA attend to those who wish to withhold pay to hungry starving artists. This is why Penismightier LTD donates 10% of all profits to the RIAA and MPAA, We're ready to fight piracy on the front line.

Salvation Army

Our involvement with the Salvation Army began during the summer helping them to buy school supplies for disadvantaged children. However, the unexpected generosity of our employees was overwhelming. When our employees heard about those poor children going without lunch boxes and tote bags their hearts just broke. They donated both their time and money to the Salvation Army that was way beyond the required minimum. Thanks to both our generous donation and the help of our employees, thousands of children will not have to want for essential school supplies.


Vagrancy can only be solved one person at a time. Penismightier and Goodwill Industries work together to provide the training and skills necessary to help people overcome a lifetime of poverty. Penismightier stands together with Goodwill by providing funds and volunteers to help people overcome the limitations of their upbringing. Through our generous donations and the aid of countless hours of our volunteers, hundreds of once vagrant people have been returned to productive member of our society.

Education - Oregon Educational Learning Centers

Penismightier Funds programs to help improve literacy and math skills in the early grades, prepare high school students to attend college, and support women and minority students seeking to earn engineering and business degrees.

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