Below are mainpage hacks that have appeared on the frontpage of pen at one time or another.

Ahh Poogle, one of the finest search engines in town, ok maybe I'm just tootin' my own horn. Poogle is an actual fully functional mainpage replacement, with semi functional search function! Hack by eod
Penismightier's custom eBusiness solutions warrented this mainpage facelift. During our 2001 Annual report we decided to let the shareholders know that they are #1. With future Penismightier Entertainment product releases such as Custom eBusiness Solutions which foster synergy and collaboration by empowering both the employee and the customer. Hack by eod
PenXP has been rated as the #1 choice in the desktop OS market. Boasting 50% more bug than Windows XP (how is that possible since XP has infinity million bugs in it? well just had another 50% to that). Hack by clme
Wow, who here has asian pride? Now this is no rip on asians but more of a
rip on the typical HOT IMPORT MODDERZ WHO HAVE AZN PRYDE. Hack by eod
Clme did this hack, you have to click on the darth cack in order to enter the page. There is a 1/365 chance that this will take you to the pen mainpage. Hack by clme
Left over page from clme and mighty mon's short but passionite love affair. Hack by clme