So it looks like Lauren Boebert has had abortions, while working as an escort.

Lauren Boebert is in the news again, for hypocrisy of course. I'm not optimistic about what we'll see from this news in the next few days...

I mean, don't get me wrong: She's a hypocritical blowhard who forgets about her husband's behavior in bowling alleys when she accuses pride parades of being inappropriate. She pushes against abortion rights despite purportedly having two of them. She questions the morals of the left while eschewing those same morals she allegedly believes in. She runs on a law-and-order platform despite her criminal past. She almost definitely participated in Jan6 and should be one of the people being questioned.

But I also don't want this to turn into another "lol let's pull out the slurs because a conservative did something liberals would actually be OK with in a different situation". Especially since this information is being released from the same group that found the dirt on Madison Cawthorn.

So I want the hypocrisy pointed out, without demonizing valid forms of work (escorts and/or sex work) or abortion rights.

On the other hand... I would love it if Lauren Boebert would crawl right back into whatever syphilitic pustule she burst forth from.

In my headcanon the pustule is located on Pat Buchanan's ass.


Press release:


  • That one is fair.

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    The opinion writer doth protest too much.

    Which is to say, they don't actually say its not true either. (I actually hope Boebert follows up with a lawsuit so that discovery occurs).

    Chances are enough of it is true on the surface that differences will be academic... with some qualifications (like there not being any sex, etc). Then again, they may be willing to lose all the 'credibility' they built with Madison Cawthorn by throwing it away at vague rumors too.

    Still..... I fucking well hope that the abortion leak wasn't from a medical professional... Hopefully it is a former acquaintance spreading that rumor instead. At least then its not a major crime.

    While I think the democrats pushing the "Lauren is a slut" angle is a problem for the reasons I mention in the original post, it will be effective. The news is targeted at her supporters, not her opponents. But of course that is why I mention Cawthorn too... several of the photos they released of him were from completely explainable events (A contest on a cruise, etc) and the rest were just making sure that there was questions about his sexuality. The Cawthorn ploy worked, and of course I don't cry much because he is a hypocritical prick too, but... well... it worked for shitty reasons. It worked because enough of his former supporters were homophobic, not because everyone realized he is a goddamn monster.

    I give it 50/50 odds on more being queued up to drop.

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