Where is the last place you where that was 100+ miles and where is the next place you are going that is 100+ miles.

Last: San Francisco - Friend's 15th wedding anniversary.
Next: Seattle for 24 hours to take some family photos for a Christmas gift.



  • Last: East Lansing.
    Next: I have no plans.

  • Last: St. Louis in early September - Visited a friend for their 40th birthday (and my wife's 41st), spent the weekend there.

    Next: Nothing written in stone, but possibly somewhere in the Michigan U.P. to visit another friend. Otherwise, Chicago for museums.

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    Went to my sister's place in London, Ontario for Thanksgiving (October 8th)... Just a smidge over 100 miles.

    Next trip will be to Caledon County on November 17th. A one-day work trip... It's not more than 100 miles (only 87), so I suppose it doesn't count. Nothing else planed, though.

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